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Meena Sanakaran Mar 23, 2018

PRERNA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), all-volunteer organization that helps refugees across all ethnicities and faiths become independent, constructive citizens.




DARK Mar 30, 2018

Farming Hope to plant 50 citrus trees as part of our commitment to support RI President Riseley's goal of planting one tree per Rotarian. By planting 50 citrus trees, we not only fulfill the tree planting objective, but we are also supporting the homeless and providing a source for food - a bit of a three-in-one return for a single service project.
Farming Hope turns the soup kitchen turned on its head – by hiring the people who usually stand in line, to produce food and feed others. They create jobs for homeless people in gardening and use that food in cooking workshops and meals. Growing and serving food lets their folks feel valued and empowered to share their gifts. This, in turn, empowers individuals out of homelessness by creating dignified work and safe spaces.
Farming Hope runs programs in San Francisco, and is launching a San Jose team this Thanksgiving. Their work here is inspired by Farming Hope programs in El Salvador.


John Suckow Apr 06, 2018
Flying for the U.S. Navy in the Vietnam Era
Dave Eschelman

Past Presidents will tell anecdotes for their experience then and now. 

Pilar Furlong-Bill Wilson Center Apr 20, 2018
Youth & Family Homelessness In Santa Clara County

our efforts to end youth and family homelessness in Santa Clara County.  We recently released a report on the number of students couch surfing and the findings were pretty astonishing.  You can read the report at www.acouchisnotahome.org.  

Laurabeth Messimer Apr 27, 2018

Laurabeth Messimer Lopez of Castroville to found G.I. Josie, a startup nonprofit for female veterans. She founded the organization in November 2014, years after her own daughter, Cassandra Lopez, was sexually harassed while serving in the Navy. When Cassandra reported the harassment to a male superior, her complaint was disregarded, she says. “We just want to be listened to,” Cassandra says. “Just to know that someone is on your side – I think that in itself is huge.”

DARK May 04, 2018


OPEN May 11, 2018
Jennifer Smith-Bay Area Womens Sports Initiative May 18, 2018
Helping young girls combat the toxic stress of poverty.

BAWSI provides powerful interventions for the most vulnerable children in our communities in the form of ACCESS©. Our programs focus on proven factors that help increase resiliency in children living with adversity.


BAWSI Girls is a free after-school fitness and confidence building program where female athletes inspire young girls to get active, believe in themselves and improve their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about physical activity.

This program focuses on 2nd through 5th grade girls at Title 1 eligible schools where approximately 70% of students receive free reduced lunch.

Dark May 25, 2018
Memorial Day
JOHN VLAHOS-Dean & Athletic Director West Valley Jun 01, 2018

Dean & Athletic Director

Health, Human Development, and Athletics West Valley College

There are many exciting projects that he is working on that our club members would love to hear all about them.

Daniel Orum , President & CEO Jun 08, 2018
The San Jose Giants 2018

Baseball, Business & Community

Brian Day Jun 15, 2018
Returning to the Moon

This week we’re talking to Brian Day, the Director of Communication and Citizen Science for NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute also known as SSERVI.   Brian works on outreach programs based on lunar science and planetary exploration. He also provides outreach support for web-based mapping tools for exploring the moon and Mars, as well as digital imaging and tracking systems that track meteors as they fall to the Earth. 

DARK Jun 22, 2018
Tylor Taylor Executive Director - SASCC Jun 29, 2018
What is up at the Saratoga Senior Center

Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council’s Mission is to provide access to physical and social activities along with resource services that improve the overall quality of life for aging adults in our community. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1981 to serve the needs of local seniors. SASCC’s core values are friendship, community, learning, & service.