Jul 08, 2022 12:30 PM
DeAnna Pursai
College of Adaptive Arts

DeAnna Pursai is a new member to the Saratoga Rotary Club, as well as being a member of the San Jose Rotary Club. She has served on the San Jose Rotary board and has been active in the Rotary PlayGarden, Climate Action, and SJSU & International House Committees. This year she will serve as the District 5170 Climate Action Council Chair brining climate action committee chairs together to share best practices and community project ideas. She is a schoolteacher by trade, teaching in Seattle Public Schools, Evergreen School District, and San Jose Unified School District. In 2009 she co-founded College of Adaptive Arts with Dr. Pamela Lindsay, who received her doctorate in 2019 in curriculum and instruction in higher education and adults with intellectual disabilities. She has been named an Architect of Change by the Maria Shriver blog and was recently named a CNN Hero in April of 2022. Her long-term vision is to show how an expanded layer of higher education can live on every campus of higher learning around the world to be as accessible and widespread in Education that Special Olympics so effectively provides for lifelong athletic opportunities.