District 5170 had a little unclaimed District Donation Funds this year which it has used to provide 22 laptop computers for at-risk youth in our community.  At our February 17 meeting, District Governor Jeff Orth and Bob Goetsch, At-Risk Program coordinator, presented a laptop to a Saratoga High student.  This program was actually started by DG Jeff Orth about five years ago as a program to provide essentials like pajamas to foster youth.
Over the years the program evolved into awarding laptops to deserving students.  In years in which funds are available, District clubs must nominate students who complete applications for the computers.  Our club goes to the guidance counselors at both Prospect and Saratoga High for their input on which student would benefit from this award.  Two years ago we received a computer for a young man at Prospect High.  This year, the Saratoga counselors were unanimous in their recommendation. Along with receiving a computer, the student will be mentored by a "Youth Protection Certified" club member for a minimum of five hours. This is a wonderful program to reach out to students locally who need our support.