International Service Projects
The International Service Committee of the Club funds and executes International Projects with local (overseas) partners. The projects are typically in water, sanitation, health and education which are among the priorities at Rotary International.
The committee members solicit ideas projects from club members or through their own networks through other clubs. A short-listed is typically created in Feb/March by which time the funding for the next year is known (the Rotary year starts in July). Funding is then allocated prior to the start of the next Rotary year. The annual funding projects is based on a formula that is determined by the contributions made by the club members for the prior three years to the Rotary Foundation.
The club may seek private donations or conduct other fund raising activity as well. The overseas (local) club is an equal and important partner in the execution phase. Since all Rotarians are volunteers, the projects have zero overhead and 100% of the funds go towards the project. The projects make a significant community impact over several years.
More recently, the International Committee has completed or has in the pipeline the following projects:
1. School in Arusha, Tanzania (joint project with other clubs in area) -  education materials and solar panel (completed 2016)
2. Residential Home for children who need assistance, Concade, Brazil - water tank (completed Fall 2016)
3. Orphanage, Mexico - security wall, uniforms, washer/dryer (in progress, will be completed by Summer 2016)
4. Schools (27) in Bengaluru, India - sanitation, girls bathrooms, clean drinking water for ~5000 students (27 schools) - will commence in Spring 2017. This is a Global Grant, where the funds allocated by the Saratoga Club and the Bengaluru District are matched 100% by Rotary International.