Jul 19, 2024
Professional Pianist Duo Stephanie & Saar
Professional Piano Performance

Husband and Wife, Professional Pianists, from New York City, helped Saratoga Rotary raise funds for their 2014 Rotaplast trip to Guatemala. I asked them to give me a call if they were ever performing on the West Coast. Having finished a concert in Paris, France, they are on a west coast tour now, and will be passing though Silicon Valley in mid-July. Because Saar was given a Rotary Scholarship during his university time in Israel, I invited them to attend a Saratoga Rotary Club meeting. They graciously accepted, and the next day, they contacted me and said, “If you have a piano at your meeting place, we would be happy to perform a short concert you’re your club.” So I got us a piano and they will be our guest presenters at our July 19th Meeting. Invite your spouses and friends. Extra Chairs will be provided.