1. SRCF does not grant funds for construction or acquisition of real estate, liquidation of loans or fiduciary obligations, or ongoing operating expenses, such as salaries, rents, utilities, travel expenses, and lodging. Requests must be for projects comprised of quantifiable packages of goods and/or services, including a valid cost estimate for each identifiable item. Requests must contain the commencement and estimated completion date of the project.

  2. No grant may have a material financial benefit to any individual requesting the grant or an SRCF Board member.

  3. Grants awarded that are for less than the total costs of capital items or projects will be released when all the funds needed to purchase the item(s) or complete the project have been pledged or received.

  4. The SRCF generally does not grant awards to the same organization in consecutive years.

  5. The SRCF shall consider grant requests only from tax-exempt organizations. The applicant shall provide evidence of their tax-exempt status.

  6. The applicant shall complete the Rotary Grant Application form. No other form shall be accepted.

  7.  Applicant shall include names of three people or agencies that can be contacted as references, if necessary. Please provide telephone numbers and addresses of each.

  8. Applicant shall indicate on the Grant Application the ability of the organization requesting the grant to provide personnel and the number of hours as volunteers to help staff an Information Booth at the Art Show.

  9. The organization’s current annual budget shall be provided for review.

  10. Applicant shall submit a report to SRCF at the completion of the project describing the positive impact it had on the community.

  11. Applicant shall provide upon request a video or written testimonial that SRCF can use in promotional material for the Art Show.


Grant Applications shall be evaluated as follows:
  • The need for the program in the community it serves

  • The impact on the audience and the number of people who will benefit from the grant request

  • Location of the community to be served. Preference is given to projects locally, although requests on the state, national and international projects may be considered

  • The uniqueness of the program or project

  • The impact of the request on the organization requesting it

  • The viability and financial management of the organization

  • The applicant has demonstrated that the costs of the program or project are cost effective and due diligence was performed to ensure the costs are reasonable


The Board of Trustees will review all qualified applications. Prior to Board review, a Director shall be assigned to conduct a personal interview with the applicant and then report to the full Board the findings and his/her recommendations. All applicants will be notified of the Board of Directors decision.
Contact Information:
Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation
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