Speaker Date Topic
Arnold Del Carlo Aug 17, 2018
My life as a WWII photographer

You asked for him! He's happy to share his story with our club. 

Maha Eljenaidi Aug 24, 2018
Getting to know American Muslims and their Faith

This presentation begins with basic terminology and demographics of Muslims in the United States and the world, describes the major beliefs and practices of Islam, including major Muslim holidays. It also addresses common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims and describes its relation to other religions, including Judaism and Christianity

Channy Chhi Laux Aug 31, 2018
Surviving the Cambodian Genocide- A teenage girl's perspective.
Shanti Raman Sep 07, 2018
The Heartful Way
Tim Lundell Sep 14, 2018
District Governor
Mayor Mary-Lynne Bernard Sep 21, 2018
State of the City
Barby Ulmer Sep 28, 2018
The Mayan System of Justice
Gerry Hunt Oct 05, 2018
Health Care for All California
Maria Chavez Oct 12, 2018
BioCurious, The world's first hacker space for Biology
Spencer Christian Oct 19, 2018
You Bet Your Life

Spencer Christian has truly lived the American Dream. Growing

up poor and black in the rigidly segregated South, he relied on his

family’s strong values—solid work ethic, commitment to education,

and Christian faith—to overcome adversity and carve out a path

to success and national visibility. As weatherman, feature reporter,

and co-host for ABC’s Good Morning America from 1986 to 1999,

he was a daily presence in the homes of millions of Americans. By

every conventional standard, he had it all—a loving wife and two

wonderful children, a beautiful home, and a rewarding and remarkable

career. He was also viewed by many as a role model—not only

by people of color, but to many other as well.

Yet, he was living a double life that was largely unknown to the

TV-viewing public. For nearly 30 years, he was a compulsive gambler—

and fully addicted to the high-roller lifestyle. By the time he

found the courage to confront his dependence, he had lost over three

million dollars, his home, his job—and most important—his family.

After what seemed like the perfect storm, he found himself divorced,

depressed, drowning in debt, and dumped by his network.

Larry Chang Oct 26, 2018
Silicon Valley Faces
Operation Care and Comfort Nov 02, 2018
Kevin Dowling Nov 09, 2018
Habitat for Humanity