July 2024

Renee's Debunking

Let's Thank Renee Paquier for a Successful Year as Saratoga Rotary's President!

On Sunday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m.
Including: Buffet Dinner, Wine and Water
Debunking Directed and Conceived by: Dave Eshelman
* A debunking is a skit poking fun at and celebrating outgoing President of Rotary.
Dave Eshleman and Lucy McGuire recently travelled to New York for the screening of "The Stanford Prison Experiment: Unlocking the Truth" at the Tribeca Film Festival. The three-part documentary by Juliette Eisner takes a critical view of the popular narrative surrounding the experiment. Scheduled to run on Hulu and the NatGeo channel in September, Dave (not to mention his band Nigel and Clive) is featured prominently in the film. After the screening, Dave participated in a panel discussion, fielding questions from the sold-out audience.
The Saratoga Rotary Book Club meets monthly, at 7:00pm, on the first Wednesday of the month. All club members are welcome. If you are interested in joining us, please let Verna Wong know at vrnwng2@gmail.com. 
In June, we discussed A Fever in the Heartland, by Timothy Egan. Cathie Thermond was the facilitator. 
Fever in the Heartland recounted the long-forgotten dark chapter of US history in the 1920's when the Ku Klux Klan, led by D.C. Stephenson, the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana, infiltrated the Heartland and the West. Growth in the cult was steep, as this charismatic charlatan fomented fear and hate of those who were not white and Protestant.
Five Saratoga Rotarians (Jitka Cymbal, Maria Guldner, Teri Kasik, Marsi Nomura and Verna Wong) traveled to the Rotary International Convention in Singapore. The convention took place from Saturday, May 25 to Wednesday, May 29. 
The convention began as international humanitarian Graca Machel and Rotary International President, R. Gordon R. McInally called on Rotarians to take action to make the world more equitable and more peaceful, by promoting peace through work with Rotary, including working for equality for women and for equal access to education for girls.
A Heartfelt Thank You from Rise Against Hunger
It was a privilege to join forces with District 5170 and Rise Against Hunger this past Saturday, April 8th, at Saratoga High School, where we truly made a significant impact together. Your dedication in packaging 24,000 meals demonstrates a powerful commitment to fighting hunger and supporting those in need across the globe.
We are pleased to share with you that so far this year SRCF has granted a total of $38,043 for grants. The 501 (C) 3 recipients are well vetted by our board, they are diverse and are impactful. There is one more cycle this fiscal year and grant requests are due May 1.
The grants awarded are as follows:
  • Assistance League of Los Gatos Saratoga
    • Scholarships for students to attend science camp which is a 5th/6th grade requirement.
  • Bill Wilson Center
    • Purchase of furniture in their new location
  • Onmiware Networks
    • Physical and mental services to local are seniors.
  • RAFT- Resource Area For Teachers
    • Circuit Venture Machines to be used by educators to enhance classroom learning.
  • Santa Clara County Library District Foundation
    • Books for families affected by incarceration.
  • Saratoga MSET Inc. – Mechanical Science and Engineering Team
    • Purchase of items to build 5 robotic vehicles for the club at Saratoga High School, promoting invention and team problem solving.
  • South Bay Musical Theatre
    • Sound mixer used at their performances.
  • Starting Arts
    • Digital Sound Boards used in their performances.
  • Walden West
    • Bird Blind to be used at Science Camp (5th and 6th grade curriculum) and summer camp.
And here is a Thank You note from Starting Arts:
"Dear Saratoga Rotary Foundation - 
Thank you so much for your generosity and support of our school programs, and the purchase of our light board.  A few of us wanted to express our thanks in this video!
A special thank you to Phil for joining us , touring our site and meeting our staff. That was truly special. 
Sara K. Dean
Managing Director, Theatre 
Pronouns: she/ they
Read Across America Day 2024 was a great success!  Our Rotary Club has been celebrating the day at Latimer School, a Title 1 school in the Moreland District, serving grades transitional kindergarten through eighth, since 2015.  Each year, Rotarians go into the classrooms, tell the students a little bit about Rotary, read a story to the students, and leave each student with a book to take home.  Over the ten years we have been reading, our Club, through the Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation, has donated over 5,000 books to students!
Our Club annually sponsors four or five Interactors to attend this leadership training meeting.  This year, all of them were from Prospect High School. Thanks to everyone who contributes to our Art Show so that we have the funding to support these amazing young people.
Following are the comments we have received: 
"Dear Saratoga Rotary,
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your incredible sponsorship of 5 incredible Interactors to attend Interact District 5170's annual President's Winter Retreat (PWR) this year! Your support has made it possible for us to participate in this enriching and transformative experience. PWR is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, and your commitment to our community within Prospect Interact has paved the way for young students to benefit from its invaluable insights and networking opportunities. Your generous sponsorship has created a positive ripple effect, impacting not only their lives but also the lives of those they interact with in the future. We hope to carry with us the spirit of gratitude and a commitment to giving back to our community in ways that reflect the generosity we have received from Saratoga Rotary.
In addition, we have collected personal thank-you notes and some pictures from each Interactor who was sponsored by Saratoga Rotary!
  • “PWR was such a fun and great trip that I got to experience. I’m so thankful to have been lucky enough to go. I’ve learned so much through the workshops and am planning on applying the things I learned into my daily routines. I also made so many new friends and memories that I'll never forget. Thank you for all your support in making this possible for us! :)” -Natalie  (Prospect Interact)

  • “Hi! My name is Marsha! I had so much fun at PWR and learned so many social and leadership skills not only to help hone my own home club but also be very helpful in everyday situations! I loved meeting my family and getting to know my cabin mates along with being able to karaoke with my new friends!” -Marsha  (Prospect Interact)

  • “PWR WAS SUPA FUN!!! I had an AMAZING time at PWR and definitely came back with so many new things learned. I met so many great people, and strengthened bonds that no doubt will last me a while, all because of the ability to bond with the people around me in the fun games hosted at PWR. My favorite memory was karaoke, and being there for what felt like hours, dancing and singing till my voice gave out!” -Adrian  (Prospect Interact)

  • “I’m so grateful for my PWR experience for the bonds I formed and the life skills I got exposed to. I truly had such a great time learning while hanging out with these amazing people I got to meet!” -Aliana (Prospect Interact)

  • “PWR has undoubtedly been one of my favorite Interact trips so far, it has helped me gain so many new friends and connections from so many different schools! It has also instilled a profound sense of belonging to the Interact family. PWR gave me the opportunity to grow as an interactor and leader. Over the weekend I learned so many valuable leadership lessons that I found to shape my day to day life.  I am genuinely grateful for my time I had at PWR and I really appreciate all the Rotarians whose efforts made this experience possible.” -Prisha  (Prospect Interact)

  • “Throughout PWR, my favorite moments were probably the tug of war and icebreakers for family bonding, as well as the team building workshop. Both gave me the opportunity to meet and know so many new people while also gaining new perspectives on how Interact works outside of my school and area. It was one of the best weekends of my life and I thank everyone who made it possible so much!” -Chloe (Prospect Interact, although not sponsored by Rotary, was sponsored by Prospect Interact!)

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support and belief in the potential for positive change through Interact. We look forward to sharing the knowledge and experiences gained at the President's Winter Retreat with the rest of our clubs, areas, and district, and we are inspired to pay it forward in the future! 
Yours in Service,

Nadine Ngo

Area 11 Director 2023-24



Interact 5170 | interact5170.org 

International Service Projects
  • Kenya and India 2020-2021
    • Deliver easy access to potable water for the villages of Kaikol and Nkudet in Turkana County, Kenya. It will serve a total population of approx. 5000
    • Provide four ventilators to a COVID hospital in Bangalore, India.
  • USA 2020-2021
    • Refrigerated truck for Martha’s Kitchen
    • Sensorimotor room for children with special needs at Franklin-McKinley School 
West Valley Community Service Projects
  • Mobile Pantry/ Park-It Market at Saratoga Fellowship Plaza
    • On the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesday of the Month from 10:15 AM to Noon
Operation Care and Comfort Projects
  • Packing supplies for troops in October for the holiday season
Youth Service Events
  • Mentoring Interact Club of local high schools 
  • Enterprise Leadership Conference (ELC) for high school students
  • Scholarships for elementary, middle, high school and Community college students 
  • Speech Contest for the high school students
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Programs
                                                Read more .......
Fellowship Events
  • Super Bowl Chili and Corn Bread Cook Off
  • Fun at Bocce Ball Court
  • Halloween Spirit
  • Christmas Party
  • Annual Dessert Bake Off

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Doing Good Together

1) TRF (The Rotary Foundation): Show your generosity and dedication to Service Above Self. Your dollars impact globally

2) SRCF (Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation) : Your dollars impact locally.


Indian Persian Spring Celebration
March 22, 2024
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM




2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday (10am to Noon)  - Food Distribution to Seniors with West Valley Community Services.
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